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Rachel Pachivas
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Beauty / Cosmetics
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COO, Annmarie Skin Care
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Annmarie Skin Care – Everyday Nutrition for Your Skin. Our new, unique line of handcrafted herbal skin products fuse organic and wildcrafted ingredients with essential oils. These synergistic blends not only create amazing and glowing skin, but also bring inner peace and beauty. Our extensive research has allowed us to eliminate the use of chemical preservatives and skin-drying alcohols, to create a pH balanced product and experience that is unmatched in the skin care industry.

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As Annmarie Skin Care’s COO, Rachel keeps the company growing with grace. Since 2012 she has expanded the business, while keeping the culture aligned with their values. Her main roles are behind the scenes operations – product research & development, branding & style, budgeting, and HR – all while leading & growing the team, and working to increase education on organics, chemicals, and the skin care industry.

Her desire to create beautiful spaces and atmospheres brought her to an education in Interior Design and shortly after inspired her to travel to see the beauties of the world. It was traveling Australia that really sparked who she is today – she learned about organic farming and permaculture, natural skin care, herbs and natural medicine. During her mid to late twenties she spent time as a political organizer, working on food transparency-related issues, and today she continues to contribute to projects around food sovereignty, and toxic chemicals in the skin care industry and in our everyday lives. Annmarie Skin Care is the perfect fit for her – as they provide organic and wildcrafted skin care to people around the world, with the goal to move chemicals off of the shelves and out of the industry.

With her love and passion for healthy lifestyles, creating comfortable environments and community organizing she hopes to always bring thought, love and drive into the growth, team, and culture of ASC.

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How did you get into the industry?

I kind of just stumbled upon it. Since I was around twenty I had always played around with the different views of health – I sought out organic produce, attempted being raw, played around with different “natural” skin care lines, practiced yoga and meditation. But it wasn’t until I went to Australia that my whole truth, everything I had known, was shaken up. I went there simply to go on an extended (6 month) vacation as a hard-working 23-year-old, but I ended up learning more about what really mattered and was apparently missing in my life. I dove into permaculture and organic agriculture, explored with making my own skin care and natural remedies with herbs that we had on the farm. I also learned about US farming and what I hadn’t been told about our own food system, and I challenged myself with living at an ashram. I embarked on this journey I had no idea existed and came out on the other side someone with eyes wide open – ready to learn, to get active, and to create something meaningful for myself. When I got back to the States my path and my life seemed to start rolling out in front of me – from campaign work, volunteering with environmental groups, and meeting and working with amazing people who are doing incredible things.

Career advise to those in your industry?

If you are in a position to manage and hire, create a culture that challenges the status quo work environment. I truly believe our team members feel excited to come to work – feeling loved, challenged to do better, respected, and valued. This only inspires them to give love to our extended family and friends, our customers. When we take the time to love ourselves and each other, it is only natural for this to flow out into all aspects of our business and our lives.

Also, do something that matters. There are endless amounts of opportunities to create businesses that are doing good in the world—using clean ingredients, limiting the use of petrochemicals, supporting fair working wages, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and so on. Do your part to give back.

How do you motivate others?

Through my desire to love and see people flourish. I think, especially in my position, offering a platform for individuals to grow and feel valued is one of the best motivators.  Giving my team members the space to thrive on their own gives them a sense of empowerment.  By promoting a supportive community in the workplace, our team can express, create and cultivate their own success.

My Motto?

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.” My dad used to always say this to me. I am pretty sure he got it from some movie 🙂

What are you doing at:

6:00am– Zzzzzz… Unless I wake up with some random thoughts of something I wanted to do at work, and then I’ll get on a nice Pu-erh tea kick and be on an email bender early morn.

10:00am  – A nice hot bath with salt, magnesium flakes and essential oils! While in the bath I’ll do a little facial sculpting with my Gua Sha tool. I may do some exfoliating with our kaolin micro exfoliant, I may even get crazy and use my mitts from the Korean spa to do a full body scrub down.  When I get out I put on a mask that I concocted (full of many luscious ingredients), leave on for 20 minutes & keep going with my day.

12:00pm – Favorite Lunch spot/meal? Western Pacific in Berkeley. Their organic, seasonal menu is incredible, especially the turmeric bone broth with avocado & cilantro, but I do tend to lean toward a chocolate croissant & a drip coffee.

7:00pm –  Ideally I would be at the gym, although lately, I am still bouncing in my ball chair finishing up my workday.

11:00pm –  Zzzzzz….dreaming about my second trip to Amsterdam.

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