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Roberto E. Wirth
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Rome, Italy

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Hotels / Hospitality
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Luxury hotel.

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41-50 years of work experience

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Roberto E. Wirth, President and Managing Director of the Hassler Roma, is the first son of Oscar Wirth and his wife Carmen. As the second-generation owner of the Hotel Hassler, and fifth generation of a famous hotelier family, he believes in carrying on the rich tradition of the Bucher-Wirth hotel dynasty. For almost two centuries, the Bucher-Wirth family continues to make their mark in the field of luxury hospitality. In the past Mr. Wirth has received numerous personal awards, the most recent being: “Independent Hotelier of the World 2005” by HOTELS magazine, one of the most prestigious publications in the hospitality industry; the Prize for Economic Achievement by Rome’s City Government in an event presided by the city’s mayor (February 2006); the “Marco Aurelio” 2006 prize for Tourism from the Vice Mayor of Rome, Mariapia Garavaglia – this prestigious award recognizes those who have distinguished themselves in the Roman tourism sector, emphasizing the importance that tourism has for the economic and social life of Italy’s capital. In Nov. 2014 he was awarded the “Leading Legend Award” by The Leading Hotels of the World, for his commitment to the art of independent hospitality.

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Life Motto: Never give up!

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