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Tlacael Esparza
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Native AdVantage
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New York, NY, USA

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Entrepreneurship, Music, Technology
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Sunhouse, Inc. manufactures Sensory Percussion, a new system for electronic percussion.

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Electronics, Product Oriented Business
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6-10 years of work experience

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Tlacael Esparza is a Los Angeles native based in New York City. A professional drummer with over fourteen years of experience, Tlacael performs and records with acclaimed artists including Nicolas Jaar, The Dave Harrington Group, ARMS, and Friend Roulette. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and music from Columbia University and he has a Master’s in Music Technology from NYU, where he teaches Digital Signal Theory. Most recently, Tlacael founded Sunhouse, Inc. with his brother and created Sensory Percussion, a new system for electronic percussion, which launched on Kickstarter on July 8.

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How will you stay the best?

It’s been a long road thinking through, experimenting and building Sensory Percussion. It’s of course been and continues to be a tremendous opportunity for my personal growth and learning from my mistakes. I surround myself with the best people who can challenge me and support my growth as a leader.

What fascinates you?

I’m fascinated by things that on first glance don’t fit together but on closer inspection reveal their inner logic.

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