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Tom Feeley
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Miami, FL, USA

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Hotels / Hospitality
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Owner of Sole on The Ocean
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Tom Feeley is owner of Sole Hotels and  founder and principal of WaveStone Properties.

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How important is location selection to the success of your hotels?

As a group we’ve always fancied ourselves slightly unconventional. Sole East open its doors way before Montauk’s advent. Look how that area has matured! We think Sunny Isles is to Miami what Montauk is to the Hamptons…cool enough to stand apart from the others. As we look at our projected growth I think we will always consider locations that offer something unusual. We have been able to capture an audience with that motto and I think we will carry that on.

What qualities make a 5 Star Hotelier?

Determination, out-of-the-box thinking, and the ability to deal with problems without succumbing to them.

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