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Tina Nguyen
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Non-Profits / Philanthropy
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Executive Director, the Taco Bell Foundation

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As Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation, Tina Nguyen leads the team responsible for investing in the passions and dreams of youth across the country through programs like the Live Más Scholarship. Tina’s approach involves working together with key youth education partners, Taco Bell franchisees, and local communities to empower young people to channel their passions and achieve their dreams. Before joining the Taco Bell Foundation, Tina served in a variety of leadership roles at Taco Bell.

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Raise money and awareness for the Taco Bell Foundation

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For the kids!

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Always do the right thing

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Solve a problem/make someone happy

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Have fun

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Access to the water (bay + ocean!)

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Coffee is my breakfast

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6:00 AM Sleeping

10:00 AM In some kind of update/team meeting

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7:00 PM Washing dishes

11:00 PM Sleeping

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Champagne (1)

Most used App/Favorite Instagram Account? Chanel official

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Meditate for 5 minutes

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In a foreign city

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